Work-play balance

Most people set goals at the beginning of the year, however,  I am the kind of person who sets a goal, whenever I identify the need for it, regardless of the date.

Towards the end of 2017, I had been thinking of establishing only 2-3 goals at the beginning of the year – way to go, for a change. The reason is because you can track better the start an end period.

My main goal is to continue on the endeavor to establish a better balance between work life and personal life.  I am the kind of person who invests a lot of time for work and professional development, however it has taken a toll on my health and I recognize that fact.. But… I know that i’m not the only one.  Many of us struggle with that every day.

Lack of exercise, lack of peace of mind, lack of energy, lack of exciting activities that fulfill your heart… they are just some of the side effects of not balancing our life activities.

My proposal for the main goal is to first of all, hold myself accountable for this.  May be public shame can increase my efforts to fulfill the goal and make it a habit:

  • Establish a journal of the activities outside of work that can bring my mind and well bring to a better state.
  • Meditate – Although i’m not an expert, I do enjoy the time invested in meditating.   Complete at least 1.5 hrs (a week) in meditating time (15 mins each day)
    1. Not much investment is needed and now that i think about it, may be none at all.  I purchased a new yoga mat, organic essence oils (lavender, mint, lemon) and a diffuser, which I enjoy the serene environment they create.

I am now on this path, and I’m not alone, I am allowing for the people I love to support me thorugh this process.  I would like to share the ideas on what works for your?  what is your perspective on this? have you made changes to your lifestyle for this same reason?

i’m truly interested in your stories.  Let’s share and grow together.

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